Seller's.......Things that turn Potential "Buyers" into Potential "Walkers"

Posted by Kelsey Ramthun on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 2:21pm.

Today's market is HOT!  Sellers are enjoying a great market right now, though if you want to most assuredly get into a multiple offer situation you may consider completing a few tasks listed below and limit the amount of "Walkers" from your home.

1) Kitchen. Nothing turns a Buyer off more than an unclean kitchen and/or one that is cluttered.  It's imperative that Seller's take the time to really deep clean their kitchen and put away all non essential items like mail, counter mixers, etc.  It is also important to organize your drawers and cabinets.  Potential Buyers will likely look to see if they are self closing or not and may look at unorganized drawers and cabinets as a red flag to how well the rest of the home is being taken care of.  It's the little things.

2) Odors. I know there are many animal lovers out there though it is especially important during the time your home is on the market that you mitigate these odors as best you can without over killing the cover up scents.  The cover up scents can be just as bad if the potential buyer doesn't like it and/or it appears you are hiding something.  It's really a best practice to create an environment that is "pet-free" during this critical stage.  Some buyers will literally walk out before looking further if there is evidence of pets and /or odors. Get your carpets cleaned if they're relatively new or replace them if they're old and worn out.  Do not cook any fried, fish or greasy foods and do not smoke in your home.

3) Curb Appeal.  This is particularly big in the Spring/Summer markets here in Michigan.  Make sure you're cutting your grass, edging, weeding, clean your siding, etc during this critical time.  As buyers pull up to your home, it's the very first thing they will see and it will set the tone for the rest of the showing.

4) Clutter.  This is absolutely a MUST DO! Use the rule of 3.  For kitchens, no more than 3 counter top appliances (less is better). Bookshelves should split into thirds....1/3rd books, 1/3 vases or decoration and the rest empty.  your closets should be no more than half full.  A lot of buyers have outgrown their previous homes and are looking for space.  Don't give them a reason to believe your home is too small.  Good Rule for quick showing requests.....have a basket ready to run around quickly and toss in clutter items such as kid toys, dog or cat toys, dirty clothes, etc.  Take this basket and out it in your car and leave.  Remember, your home is being showcased for sale. 

5) Paint and Wallpaper.  Wallpaper is the worst.  You should really consider removing it even though you think the buyer will do the work as they will likely take that into account when placing an offer.  Your home should really be as neutral in paint color as possible.  Just because you like Red in the bathroom doesn't mean a potential buyer will.  I realize both of these items can be added expenses to getting your home ready for sale, though to maximize top dollar you should really consider taking care of these items.


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